Lincolnshire Wolds Ylang Ylang & rose

Large Lincolnshire Wolds Living candle – Handmade in Lincolnshire.
Scent: Ylang Ylang & rose
Hand blended and hand poured using a beeswax and coconut 🥥 blend.
Absolutely No Paraffin, No Palm and No Genetically Modified Soy! Making them suitable for use in the home with pets & children around.
All of their wooden candle wicks are individually cut and inserted by hand.
When the melted wax is ready, the fragrance oils are added to the warm mix.
Together they are stirred by hand to ensure that the fragrance is evenly blended, before it is poured into their glass jars. This ensures that the fragrances are distributed throughout the wax, so the scent can be enjoyed from burning beginning to end!
Then each finished product is lovingly labelled by hand.
The woody wick adds a touch of naturalness to the candle burning process 🌳
Every part of this product is recyclable ♻️


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